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 Cutting-edge technology  Cutting-edge technology in x-ray inspection

AICON X-ray device implementation process

AICON X-ray solutions for common customer's problems with x-rays

Is your detector unable to identify contaminants that are difficult to detect, impacting the control of product integrity and completeness? Would you like to increase the level of detection in your production line? Or maybe there are new foreign bodies that you want to detect even more effectively. We are happy to check the possibility of solving your problem using X-ray technology. Contact us and tell us about your problem.
Flexible AiSoft software significantly reduces the problem of high false rejects. Remote monitoring of the FRR parameter of the device enables additional protection. Anomalies are detected and dealt with in real time without the need for constant operator supervision.
Does your detector generate high maintenance costs? AICON detectors are distinguished by high-quality workmanship and the durability of the elements used, which translates into their reliability and low maintenance costs.
The AICON X-ray service works 24/7, so customers can count on quick technical support. We offer immediate and efficient replacement of operating components from local warehouses, without interrupting production continuity. AICON X-ray devices feature industry-leading uptime.
As a responsible supplier of product control solutions with X-ray detectors, we develop safe solutions that meet the standards of radiological safety. We cooperate with local institutions and certification bodies. This means that we can comprehensively and efficiently fulfill our obligations.
We have wide and diverse experience in food production. We offer proven and innovative solutions, including correct transport, a dedicated reject system and non-compliant product storage. AICON's design department will prepare a number of solutions optimized for your requirements.
Are you disappointed with previous attempts to use X-ray and still have problems with product quality parameters, such as: quantity, dimensions, weight, filling level, etc.? AiSoft software, dedicated specifically to your needs, will enable not only the detection of contaminants but also precise control of other quality parameters for products and packaging.
Thanks to state-of-the-art multi-threaded data processing and image analysis technology, AICON X-ray devices efficiently perform X-ray inspection on high-throughput production lines — up to 60,000 products per hour. We optimize the performance of the detector for high POD with low FRR without reducing the performance of the entire line.
AICON X-ray detectors can be integrated with most production management systems. We support the following protocols, platforms and standards: EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, S7, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, Profibus, CAN, CANopen, OPC UA, SQL, Siemens Standard, RS and others. Our IT department also creates individual solutions adapted to your needs.
Our team implements special hardware and software solutions. These options go far beyond the standard functionalities of X-ray detectors. You can use additional functions such as: automatic switching of product programs based on their size or shape, product switching using an external signal (production line central controller), self-control of image capture, reject on start / stop, advanced product tracking, safe access to containers for rejects via RFID or individual user accounts, belt speed control and variable belt speed operation, and stop & go mode. These are just some of the functions that we can offer you.

Dedicated solutions for individual industry sectors

About AICON X-ray

AICON X-RAY works together with technological partners, who have over 21 years of experience in supplying industrial X-ray detectors gained from over 1200 installations. This development team combined extensive knowledge of the needs of customers and their applications with high competence in the field of modern automated image analysis. The cooperation with specialists in their fields has allowed us to create control devices on the highest technological level, that set new standards in terms of reliability and quality. We work together with the largest global food manufacturers who use our product solutions in different phases of their manufacturing processes.

We use every feature of X-ray radiation, which allows us to increase product safety. Thanks to the use of unique technologies that have been made available to our research and development department by our technology partners, we achieve optimal detection parameters for our devices. We put emphasis on raising competences and improving the management of the process of developing and delivering devices to our customers. Moreover, thanks to individually and comprehensively developed projects, we introduce the most suitable systems onto the market. Thanks to this holistic approach, we often find answers to the seemingly unsolvable problems of our customers related to the use of X-ray technology in production control.

We offer our customers X-ray inspection solutions that contribute to improving product quality and protecting the brand and consumers in the best possible way, minimizing potential costs of financial losses due to manufacturing defects and product recalls, and protecting the environment.

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