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The AICON BULK XR series of X-ray inspection systems has been specifically designed for the quality control of unpacked bulk products such as nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and grains. 

AICON BULK XR series detectors provide effective protection against contamination at the pre-packing stage. They will minimise the risks associated with damage to subsequent process devices in the production line, too.

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Modern X-ray detectors of the BULK XR series are best suited to the following industries:


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This best selling series of modern X-ray inspection systems is designed for quality control of products in unit and collective packaging such as tray, pouch, doypack, cardboard, flowpack, sachet and others.

X-ray inspection systems of the PIPE XR series are dedicated to the inspection of liquid, semi-liquid and fragmented products. The devices ensure the highest available level of contamination detection while minimizing the rejection of uncontaminated product.

It is a modern, most advanced family of single and multi-beam X-ray inspection systems available on the market, designed for precise quality control of products in high packaging such as bottles, tubes, cans and jars.

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AICON CUSTOM SERIES X-ray inspection systems are tailored to individual customer needs in the field of hardware and software adaptation. They have been designed to meet the requirements of even the most difficult applications.

Contact us for more information. Our team of engineers will be happy to work with you to develop and implement the best solutions for your application.