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Bakery products

Bakery products

AICON X-ray systems help eliminate contamination from semi-finished products both before baking or at the very end of the production process, even when the bread is packed. The software in our AICON X-ray detectors allows you to protect the bread against contamination even if metal clips are used. This means that our devices can check for the correct doughnut filling, for example, as well as product integrity and other losses that might occur during baking.


Application example: various types of packaged sliced bread.

Application example: pumped jam fillings for croissants.

Application example: free flowing biscuit cookies, transported in bulk to the packing station.

If you still haven't found a product that meets your expectations...


AICON CUSTOM SERIES X-ray inspection systems are tailored to individual customer needs in the field of hardware and software adaptation to meet the requirements of the most difficult applications.

Contact us - our team of engineers will develop and implement the best solutions for your application.