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Dairy products

Dairy products

We offer a range of X-ray devices that have been specifically designed for the dairy sector. These systems enable precise X-ray control in both production and packaging, detecting impurities and quality defects at every stage. Detection takes place in tubular transport and – if scanning is required – these devices can be used to scan both single-unit packages and collective packages.

Regardless of the type or form of the dairy product, AICON X-ray Inspection Systems provide superior detection performance for metallic and non-metallic contamination. Plus, they offer additional quality control functions such as weighing, counting, fill level and product dimension verification.


Examples of application: butter, margarine, yoghurts on trays, hard, soft and melted cheeses, all types of ice cream and others.

Application examples: liquid and semi-liquid dairy products, fruit preparations for yoghurt and more.

Application examples: milk and milk products in cartons or PET containers, milk and yoghurts in glass jars and others.

If you still haven't found a product that meets your expectations...


AICON CUSTOM SERIES X-ray inspection systems are tailored to individual customer needs in the field of hardware and software adaptation to meet the requirements of the most difficult applications.

Contact us - our team of engineers will develop and implement the best
and most satisfactory solutions for your application.