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Ready meals

Ready meals

With AICON X-ray inspection systems, contaminated products can be easily eliminated, regardless of packaging type. We offer customized solutions for multi-ingredient meal control, including products that are packed in glass, lunch boxes, pouches and more. In addition to detecting contamination, the proprietary AiSoft software used in AICON X-ray systems allows you to check the filling level, completeness and even individual weight of each area of the lunchbox.


Application example: ready meals in lunchboxes.


Application example: semi-liquid meat sauce.

Application example: bulk rice and vegetables.

Application example: ready meals in glass jars.


If you still haven't found a product that meets your expectations...


AICON CUSTOM SERIES X-ray inspection systems are tailored to individual customer needs in the field of hardware and software adaptation to meet the requirements of the most difficult applications.

Contact us - our team of engineers will develop and implement the best solutions for your application.