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Sweets ​and snacks

Sweets and snacks

AICON X-ray inspection systems provide the highest possible level of contamination and defect detection (such as weight and shape measurement and completeness checks) for all sweets and confectionery products, including chocolates, candies, pralines, cookies, bars, chewing gums, gummies and more.

X-ray inspection of products can take place at the production stage or after packaging. In order to achieve the expected level of detection, some sweet and snack applications require the selection of individual solutions in the field of transport and rejection of products.


Application examples: various types of packaged sweets such as chocolates, candies, bars, snacks.

Application examples: fruit preparations, jams.

Application examples: candies, dragees, jellies, cookies, milk foam.

Application example: chocolate cream in glass jars.

If you still haven't found a product that meets your expectations...


AICON CUSTOM SERIES X-ray inspection systems are tailored to individual customer needs in the field of hardware and software adaptation to meet the requirements of the most difficult applications.

Contact us - our team of engineers will develop and implement the best solutions for your application.