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A modern and technologically advanced X-ray inspection system designed to control the quality of unpackaged bulk products, such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, grains, dried fruits and more.

BULK XR series detectors provide effective protection against contamination at the pre-packing stage while also minimizing the risks associated with damage to subsequent process devices in the production line.

110 m/min
10 Gb/s


7500 kg/h


Advanced X-ray



Effective detection

The highest detection level (POD) of metallic contamination, glass, stones, calcified bones, Teflon, ceramics, dense plastics, product lumps and more, with the lowest false rejection rate (FRR).


Thanks to the industry-record number of image analysis algorithms, AICON X-RAY detectors can efficiently handle any type of application.


An innovative data processing method, supporting production lines of up to 7500 kg/h.

Dual Energy Imaging

The optional Dual Energy Imaging technology uses two different radiation energies to differentiate between materials in order to more precisely detect contaminants in products that are “difficult” or inhomogeneous in terms of X-ray detection technology (for example, products that have different density, random arrangement or overlap).


Full product history (including the manufacturing process) and easy access to a detailed archive data for quality control.




High-efficiency, multi-threaded data processing

The industry’s highest multi-threaded data processing speeds – up to 10 Gb/s – for the most efficient image processing and maximum performance of the entire inspection system.

Self-control system

AICON BULK XR series devices are equipped with advanced built-in self-control system. This system guarantees stable operation of software and hardware, based on dual communication and redundant data processing. Devices built according to this concept perform continuous self-control in order to capture their own malfunctions at all stages of the product scanning process, from image creation to image analysis, through to reject of non-compliant product and the supervision of data acquisition.

Inverted inspection logic

By default, AICON X-Ray devices treat every inspected product as non-compliant and therefore deemed to be rejected. It is only during the scanning process that the system analyses and determines whether the product meets the expected quality requirements, and whether its status can be changed to compliant. This inverted product inspection logic system greatly minimizes the risk of non-compliant products making it to market, even in the event of failure of any component in the inspection system.

Advanced tracking system

Comprehensive product flow control is performed in real time, ensuring precise tracking and reliable registration of the position of each product transported – regardless of line throughput or complexity of the production process.


An intelligent, ergonomic design

Ergonomic solutions ensure comfortable operation and allow for easy and quick system adjustment, should you need to replace individual consumable components. Plus, these systems have been designed to the highest standard of hygiene for easy maintenance regardless of manufacturing conditions.

Simple and easy to use

Simple and convenient operation, thanks to the highly ergonomic system and automated product learning.

Interface personalization

Flexibility to adjust the control panel to suit individual user requirements, allowing for higher operational comfort.

Full MES integration

Intelligent integration into the production environment and vast compatibility with current industry standards guarantee seamless communication of the X-ray detection system with key devices in the production line (including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, S7, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, Profibus, CAN, CANopen, OPC UA, SQL, Siemens Standard and RS).

AICON BULK XR-350 Brochure
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AICON BULK XR-350 Brochure
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